Generic Viagra

Viagra was approved for usage in 1996. It was the first drug to ever be approved for usage in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The Pfizer pharmaceutical company patented the drug and it began to be distributed.

Now, years after Viagra’ release, there are a generic Viagra options. Many consumers wonder why this is the case. What does it mean to have generic Viagra? Is it safe to take generic Viagra?

Generic Viagra is a still sildenafil citrate, just like Viagra. It works the same way that Viagra does and has the same effects. Generic Viagra is called Cialis or Levitra. These are the names of generic Viagra simply because they can not be called Viagra because they are being distributed by other pharmaceutical companies.

The thing to remember about generic Viagra is that it is made out of the same stuff Viagra, however, because a different pharmaceutical company is making it, it may have some slight differences. These differences will not necessarily change the drug because the FDA monitors generics just as strictly as they do the name brand drugs. This means that generic Viagra will be as safe as Viagra.

Even though generic Viagra is just as safe as Viagra, just like with Viagra, there are some risks. If a person begins taking Viagra years ago, it may not be so wise to change to generic Viagra. Why is that? Well, when generic drugs are formulated, they must have the same active ingredient and they must be absorbed within a twenty percent difference. This is, of course, means that there could be a slight difference in absorption.

Any drug that has a narrow therapeutic range is one that will be affected in this manner. This is why it is so important to consult the doctor before using generic Viagra. While it may not make a difference, it is always a good idea to check it out before switching to generic Viagra.

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