Hydroxycut Side Effects


Hydroxycut is a chemical drug product used by many to lose excess weight. Hydroxycut has been a successful drug for weight loss. Hydroxycut has many side effects and health risks that have been linked to the product and especially when Ephedra was contained in the drug. Ephedra has been prohibited and banned in the U.S. by the FDA.

Ephedra-Containing Hydroxycut Side Effects

The Ephedra-containing Hydroxycut product was linked to many serious side effects including high blood pressure, rapid heart rate, stroke, seizure, and even death. However, to date, the health risks and side effects of Hydroxycut have been reduced due to the fact that Hydroxycut no longer has Ephedra contained in it.

Ephedra-Free Hydroxycut

The new Hydroxycut is Ephedra free and the product is much safer. However, even the new Hydroxycut product still has some side effects. Some of the documented Hydroxycut side effects are increased blood pressure, nose bleeds, blurred vision, increased heart rate, restlessness and hyperactivity, acne outbreak, loss of appetite, headaches, dizziness, insomnia, nausea and upset stomach. These are only some of the Hydroxycut side effects. Not all Hydroxycut users will experience all of the Hydroxycut side effects. Some users of Hydroxycut may experience some side effects, and others may not experience any at all. Some Hydroxycut users may see the side effects as just a mere inconvenience to reap the benefits of Hydroxycut.

Hydroxycut Side Effects and Caffeine

Although Hydroxycut no longer contains Ephedra, Hydroxycut does contain caffeine. Caffeine within Hydroxycut can cause additional side effects. Some of the side effects to the caffeine in Hydroxycut include the development of varicose veins, addiction to caffeine, a bitter aftertaste, hyperactivity, increased heart beat and the jitters.

Hydroxycut has been very effective in weight loss; however, it is very important for Hydroxycut users to contact their doctor if any unfavorable side effects to using Hydroxycut occur.

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