Lipitor Side Effects

Lipitor (atorvastatin) is a very popular element in today’s pharmacopia. Many people use it, to good effect, but there are certain precautions that must be taken to avoid unpleasant, even dangerous, side effects.

There are any number of Lipitor side effects that may occur during treatment with this prescription drug but these will vary from one person to the next. One very important precaution everyone should employ when taking atorvastatin, however, is to avoid grapefruit juice in any and all forms. The interaction between grapefruit juice and Lipitor are known to increase the risk of any possible side effects.

Lipitor is prescribed as a means of last resort to reduce the levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in the bloodstream. A healthy diet and exercise program designed to reduce weight is a much safer alternative and should be tried before prescribing Lipitor or any other cholesterol-lowering medication.

The body itself manufactures most of the cholesterol in the bloodstream. Too much cholesterol in the diet, combined with the naturally produced cholesterol, can lead to blocked arteries that can cause heart disease, cardiac arrest, and strokes. Lipitor blocks an enzyme required to manufacture cholesterol, thereby reducing the amount in the bloodstream.

Cholesterol is vital to a developing fetus so anyone who is pregnant or considering becoming pregnant should not take Lipitor under any circumstances. Whether atorvastatin passes into breast milk is unknown at this time so it is best if nursing mothers also avoid taking Lipitor.

Most minor Lipitor side effects may go away in time without medical intervention. These include mild allergic reactions, skin lesions and inflammations, tightness in the throat when swallowing, wheezing, and mouth sores.

The nutritional supplement niacin and alcohol should be avoided when taking Lipitor. They both cause a reaction in muscle tissue that causes a pigment to be released into the urine. This pigment can lead to severe kidney disease and damage to the liver.

Other Lipitor side effects vary when it is taken in conjunction with other drugs, such as antifungals or antibiotics. Always alert your prescribing physician to any and all other medications taken with Lipitor.

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