Order Carisoprodol

You can order carisoprodol (car-eye-so-PRO-dole) online or through a pharmacy with a prescription. Carisoprodol, also called Soma and Vanadom, is a muscle relaxant that blocks the nerve impulses to the brain to reduce pain. Commonly prescribed to relieve severe muscular injury, especially in conjunction with physical therapy after an injury, carisoprodol may be less frequently prescribed to treat other conditions as determined by a doctor.

Common side effects of carisoprodol include drowsiness, dizziness, headache, blurred vision, and feelings of depression. Less commonly reported side effects of carisoprodol include loss of vision, tremors or extreme agitation, extreme weakness or feelings of paralysis. These and other side effects that might indicate an allergic reaction require the advice of a doctor. It is not wise to combine alcohol with carisoprodol or to operate a vehicle or other piece of machinery while taking carisoprodol.

Always be sure to give a prescribing doctor a complete medical history and include any medications you might already be taking as well as any medical conditions you may have been previously diagnosed with. You should not attempt to order carisoprodol without a prescription and should not take more than your prescribed dose. Similarly, carisoprodol is prescribed based on an individual patient’s weight, height, and injury or condition so you should not take another person’s medication. Overdose of carisporodol requires immediate medical attention and can cause dangerously low blood pressure rates and slowing or stopping of the central nervous system.

When a muscle relaxer is used in conjunction with physical therapy to recover from an injury, it makes physical therapy easier to tolerate and thus benefit from. A doctor may recommend you take a pain medication in combination with a muscle relaxer prior to physical therapy or immediately following. If you are beginning physical therapy, check with your doctor or therapist about how to take the medication properly while to its fullest benefit to you.

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