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Tramadol is an opiate (narcotic) pain reliever and you can only order tramadol legally with a prescription. Tramadol is often prescribed to relieve moderate to severely moderate pain such as post-operative pain or chronic pain associated with cancer or other pain-causing condition.

Tramadol comes in tablet form to be taken by mouth. Because it is a narcotic pain reliever, tramadol can be habit forming. Common side effects associated with tramadol include dizziness, weakness, nausea, vomiting, headache, dry mouth, sweating, and mood swings. Less common side effects that should be reported to your doctor include signs of an allergic reaction, increased heart rate, fainting, seizures, and flu-like symptoms. You should discuss previous adverse reactions to medications with your doctor before he or she prescribes tramadol. Tell your doctor of any medications, vitamins, or dietary supplements you may already be taking as well as disclose any medical conditions in your medical history.

Do not try to order tramadol without a prescription or take tramadol without first consulting a doctor. Narcotic pain relievers can cause dependency and withdraw symptoms can be severe. Your doctor may recommend a gradual decrease in dosage before stopping tramadol. An overdose of tramadol can occur if you take it in doses that are not prescribed for you and you should avoid taking tramadol prescribed for another patient. A suspected overdose of tramadol requires immediate medical attention. Indicators of possible overdose of narcotic pain relievers include confusion, unconsciousness, coma, seizure, or heart attack. If you suspect overdose, do not call poison control – call 911.

Tramadol is an effective reliever of moderate pain caused by certain circumstances and works well for short-term relief as needed, but should always be taken under the supervision of a doctor. If tramadol is not effectively controlling acute pain as prescribed, talk to your doctor.

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