Paxil Side Effects

Paxil is the brand name for paroxetine, a tablet prescribed for the treatment of depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), certain anxiety and panic disorders, and posttraumatic stress disorder. Paxil is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI), which works to restore a healthy balance of the chemicals in the brain.

Paxil side effects can be extremely dangerous in children, teenagers, and young adults. Suicidal thoughts and behaviors can become elevated when taking this medication and close monitoring at all times is strongly advised. Medical supervision as well as close monitoring by the patient’s caretakers at home are critical to the safe use of this medication in young people.

Dangerous Paxil side effects can be felt by patients of all ages, especially when Paxil is taken in conjunction with other drugs, over-the-counter medications, herbal remedies, and nutritional supplements. The danger of seizures and severe liver or kidney disease is strong so never begin Paxil treatment without notifying your prescribing physician of all medications, remedies, and alternative treatments being used.

Alcohol consumption should be avoided when undergoing treatment that includes Paxil.

Paxil side effects are passed from a pregnant mother to the baby she is carrying and to newborns and infants who are being breast fed. Women experiencing these life events should never take Paxil as the risk of harming the unborn or breastfeeding child are extreme.

While this medication is prescribed to treat mental disorders, the Paxil side effects include other mental conditions that may develop. Insomnia, abnormal dreaming, inability to concentrate, and anxiety are some more common side effects of this medication.

Sexual drive and function can be impaired while taking this medication. Men may experience prolonged and painful erections or be unable to achieve orgasm. Women may experience painful genital disorders and painful or disrupted menstrual cycles. Libido may diminish dramatically in both genders.

Ironically, some of the most disturbing Paxil side effects are symptoms of the disorders the drug was prescribed to treat. Depression, anxiety, restlessness, and mood swings may all become more severe when taking this medication.

It is critical to maintain close contact with your prescribing physician when taking this medication. Observation and regular blood testing will be required to achieve optimum benefits.

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