Paxil is a drug that is used to treat a number of different emotional and mental problems. For example Paxil is often prescribed for people who suffer from serious depression that affects their ability to function on a day-to-day basis. Paxil is also commonly prescribed for people who suffer from panic disorder as well as obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Paxil is a multi faceted drug that also helps individuals afflicted with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), social anxiety disorder (also referred to as social phobia) and posttraumatic stress disorder. Many people who are prescribed this drug begin to see an improvement in their symptoms anytime from the period of one week to a month. However it is important to continue to take the drug even if you begin to feel better right away.

The generic name for Paxil is paroxetine hydrochloride (paroxetine HCI). Paxil now comes available as controlled-release tablets known as Paxil CR. This new version of the drug works best for those who suffer from varying degrees of depression and panic disorder. It works much the same way as the original form of Paxil with one addition- Paxil CR contains a special ingredient known as Geomatrix that helps control how fast or slow the drug is absorbed into the system. Studies done on Paxil CR have shown that it is excellent at relieving symptoms in depressive patients.

Paxil needs to be taken once a day to be effective and the most suitable time is first thing in the morning. Besides tablets, Paxil does come available in a liquid or oral suspension. If you choose to take it this way then always give the bottle a good shake before opening it. It is important to advise your doctor of any drugs you are taking, whether they be prescription or over-the-counter as some drugs do not work well in the body with Paxil.

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