Prozac Side Effects

You need to be aware of Prozac side effects if you are going to take the medicine. In these competitive times, stress and depression are our everyday allies and it is precisely here that Prozac comes into play. Prozac is a renowned anti-depressant. People rely on it for getting rid of depression, panic attacks and premenstrual syndrome.

Prozac falls in the category of SSRIs or selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors and comes with its share of side effects.

Know The Side Effects Of Prozac

When you take the drug, Prozac, you will witness improvements in your condition, but it will definitely bring along some adverse side effects. Prozac side effects that crop up are digestive problems, nausea, fatigue, insomnia, and certain other side effects. When your start taking the drug, you may witness the loss of libido or the decrease of sexual desire; this is one of the main reasons why people stop the use of Prozac.

Some common Prozac side effects affecting sex-life include abnormal ejaculation, diminished sex drive. You could even suffer from other side effects like anxiety, flushing, dizziness, abnormal visions and dreams, headache, gas, nervousness, loss of appetite, itching, sinusitis, appearance of rashes, sore throat, upset stomach, sweating, vomiting, weakness, tremors and yawning. Some people also experience dry mouth and other flu-like symptoms

The other side effects that are less common are bleeding problems, agitation, chills, abnormal taste, emotional instability, ear pain, fever, confusion, palpitations, weight gain, loss of memory, sleep disorders, ringing in the ears and many other Prozac side effects.

Prozac can also prove to be fatal; researches say that the uses of SSRIs have been responsible for a dozen deaths in the past years.

When you make a decision to quit the medicine, be aware that you could face a host of side effects. For avoiding this situation, try to lower the dosage of the drug slowly to ultimately get freed from it in the long run.

If you experience Prozac side effects, make sure you are not late in contacting the doctor. In this case, you will be requiring immediate medical attention. Listen to the doctor and follow his/her advices. Continue the intake of Prozac only if the doctor says it is safe for you.

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