Vitamins And Minerals

We have heard our mothers being concerned over our intake of vitamins and minerals, have we not? Now, why do you think that the minerals and vitamins seem so important in the development of our body? Read on to have a clear conception.


You cannot ignore the importance of vitamins in your life. Vitamins are essential if you want to be healthy and keep health problems at bay.

If your body is in need of vitamins, then certain health problems might crop up.

Deficiency of Vitamin A can cause night blindness and other eyesight problems.
Deficiency of Vitamin B will weaken your body’s immunity/resistance to diseases and cause sicknesses like anemia and beriberi.
Deficiency of Vitamin C is responsible for weariness, loss of appetite and the bleeding of the gums.
Deficiency of Vitamin D will cause the deformation of teeth and bones.

Therefore, consumption of grains, fruits and vegetables that are high in the vitamins content is very essential.


When you give an accurate and quick performance in your daily life, remember that the minerals are functioning backstage. Minerals are natural elements found in the soil. Plants absorb the minerals from the soil; human beings and other animals get their quota of minerals directly or indirectly from the plants.

Minerals help maintain the healthy functioning of the nerves, aid the formation of blood and bone; they are also required for the appropriate composition of the body fluids.

Vitamins And Minerals – Their Importance In The Present Times

In today's fast paced world, we all need the proper nutrition to keep fit. The balanced intake of vitamins as well as minerals helps us to maintain a healthy body. When you are under a lot of work pressure, you need to eat well, as what you eat reflects on your health.

You must keep an eye on what your children are eating, as intake of vitamins and minerals is central to the proper growth of kids. Adequate intake of minerals and vitamins everyday will give them resistance against diseases and they will go on to grow up as healthy adults.

You can also take supplements of vitamins and minerals available in the market, as they give you stamina and strengthen your body’s immune system; however, your intake should be moderate.

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