War on Drugs

War on drugs has been a genuine endeavor to put up a fight against illegal drug trade. It is a sort of prohibition campaign organized by the government of United States of America. Some countries, having realized that certain drugs (mostly specific psychoactive medical compounds) can be extremely dangerous and detrimental for human health, actively participated in this war on drugs. Under this campaign, an initiative has been taken to promote a set of rules and policies with the intention to limit the manufacture, supply and use of these medical substances.

The Origin Of War On Drugs

This particular resistance against drug abuse is said to have started in the year 1880 when US and China came to agree that opium trade should at once be stopped. Additionally, the years between 1920 and 1933 have been marked for United States’ alcohol prohibition, historically renowned as the period of drug prohibition. In the year 1925, United States provided support to the regulation of cannabis in form of drugs in the International Opium Convention.

In 1937, the Congress introduced a law known as the Marijuana Tax Act according to which anyone involved in Marijuana trade has to provide a complete account of the business transaction including inspection, affidavits and other crucial information about the parties involved in the process. As a part of the war on drugs, the Congress passed this law based on common perception that the intake of Marijuana sowed the seeds of criminality, insanity and even death.

In the year 1969, Nixon's modern-day war on drugs started with immense zeal and enthusiasm. Again, in 1970, the US Congress passed the Controlled Substance Act based on the war on drugs under Nixon. This provided a solid foundation to the contemporary anti drug war. However, for the proper enforcement of this law, the responsibility was delegated to the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs and in the year 1973, the responsibility was once again handed over to the newly established Drug Enforcement Administration.

The final years of Regan-administration have been most remarkable in this respect. The Office of National Drug Control Policy was created in the year 1988 for central coordination of drug-related legislative, security, diplomatic, research and health policy in all parts of the government. On account of this central role, the director of ONDCP came to be regarded as the Drug Czar. Later on, in the year 1993, President Clinton raised this position to the cabinet level.

It conclusion it can be said that the war on drugs has been quite successful in changing the scenario of open drug abuse and mismanagement.

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